We supply Utah and the western United States with snow removal wear parts.

We service all types of plows including Boss, Fisher, Meyer, Western, Hiniker, and V Plow.

Interwest specialized in supplying all types of blades including steel ar400, carbide, ribber, and polyurethane.


Patented technology that has all the benefits of a carbide imgregnated blade, along with built in shock absorbers. THis allows the blade to move and float underthe weight of the plow which extends blade life by more than 200%, eliminates carbide fracturing, creates a smoother ridefor the plow driver, and lessens road damage.

Carbide Blades

These are our best sellers as they wear the longest, which minimized downtime for you and your company. Best for use in long distance plowing and high speed plowing. We sell 3 foot and 4 foot bolt on carbide snow plow blades that will match your specific size plow.

Also available are custom 3 – 4 foot ar400 wear bars that are welded on to protect the carbide insert and extend blade life!

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Blades

Slotted rubber blades, ideal for plowers that require shock absorbtion on roads with manhole coversand uneven surfaces.

Steel Blades

We can custom make any blade for your plow, with any kind of steel. We also have 3/4 inch thick 6, 9,10, 11 and 12 foot Black Cat snow plow edges ready to be put to work.