Cutting Edges


Excavator Blades & Edges

Industry standard bevels are available or customized bevels and noses to match any adapter.

Half Arrow Segments & Blades

 Half arrow blades are used to replace the standard double bevel design commonly used on loaders when no tooth and adapter options are installed.

The sharpened nose design offers excellent penetration capability and enhanced material flow into the bucket.

Mining Grader Blades

  • Standard 16 G/H/M and 24H/M Edges, 10″ 13″ and 16″ Wide.
  • Optional thickness from 1″ to 3″
  • Tungsten carbide impregnation for extended wear life in abrasive applications.
  • Blades can be packaged in kits allowing for complete change-out to be stocked as one item.¬†

Cast Dozer Blades

  • RIch chemistry improves through hardness and wearability
  • Wear materials added to high wear areas for max performance.


Dozer End Bits

We carry Black Cat dozer end bits that are designed and built to outperform the competition using our HighSpec Alloy X14 steel for excellent wear characteristics and superior impact resistance.

The contoured design offers an impact rib built into the highwear area enhancing wear life and improving the strength of the end bit corner.